Ayurvedic Support

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine system in the world and the “sister life science” to yoga – and like yoga it has a lot to say about long-term wellbeing. Traditional Ayurvedic doula care promotes longevity, rebuilds complete health in the mother’s body-mind and honors this sacred period of time. Specifically, Ayurveda teaches us that the first 42 days of new life (yours and your babes) correspond directly to the next 42 years. And science backs it. How a mother is nurtured in the first six weeks post birth will greatly determine her well-being for decades to come. With Ayurvedic care, families access a route to complete healing with an in-home support specialist.

From the beginning of time, women were honored, nurtured, and supported as they journeyed into motherhood. Families depended upon their community to surround them with love and guidance in the early hours, days, weeks, and months with a new baby. In our culture, we have traveled far from this norm. Engaging a doula for your unique family needs can bring back that much needed support! Your Postpartum Doula aims to empower by helping you find solid ground over the first six weeks of life, whether it’s your first baby or your sixth.

What is Ayurvedic Postpartum Support?

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A 2-hour branded photography session

A 1-hour lifestyle photography session


4-6 hours of in-person visits with mother-baby guidance, sibling support and care, or 2-3 virtual visits with unlimited resources, text and email support during office hours




4-6 hours of in-person visits with mother-baby guidance, sibling support and care 




All of the above, plus an extended prenatal coaching visit focused on postpartum meal & herbal planning for optimal mental and physical well-being. Postpartum supplies including belly binding, ghee, kitchen spices, teas, herbs, pads, oils, and tinctures for your first 42 days (great for bottom aftercare, lactation, sleep and mood/mental health).




Starting at $750 One 60-minute in home prenatal visit at 34-36 weeks gestation. 24 total hours of in-person Postpartum Doula visits with mother-baby guidance, sibling support and care (to be used in 4 hour daytime or 8 hour overnight increments). Unlimited text & email access during office hours. 




Our goal is for families to leave their birth and postpartum experience feeling supported, a part of the decision making process, and truly cared for as they bring their baby earth side.


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Kind Words

"...I don't think I could have made it through my home birth without her- I'm not exaggerating!"

“Where do we start?! Alyssa is pretty much an angel on Earth. My wife and I were are so blessed to have come across Cherry Blossom when searching for doula services. She was a wonderful support throughout my entire pregnancy. When I say I don’t think I could have made it through my home birth without her- I'm not exaggerating! She was an amazing physical support knowing exactly what to recommend to cope with surges. But beyond that she was an amazing emotional support. We hired her as our birth photographer as well and OMG, the photos were amazing. Anyone wondering if it’s possible for one person to play both roles (doula and birth photographer), it’s absolutely possible, especially when Alyssa is doing it! At no point did one interfere with the other. She did it all so seamlessly. It was bittersweet to have our babe born because it meant that our time with Alyssa came to an end! excited to work with her again next time!"

B. Rosa

A. Halsell

"She served as a huge emotional crutch during and after the pregnancy.  She is so responsive, I wonder when she even sleeps!"

“By my third pregnancy, I FINALLY decided it was time for a doula. I had my 2nd without meds and wanted the same for this one. And, let’s be real, partners are awesome and supportive BUT don’t always know exactly what to say or do.  Choosing Alyssa was the best decision I’ve made. She encompasses total nurturing momma vibes. She is soft and gentle, her voice sing-songy, you just feel like you’re being “held” in her presence.”
We had a prenatal diagnosis of both Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect and Alyssa’s empathy, gentleness, care and consistent checking in sets her apart. She served as a huge emotional crutch during and after the pregnancy. She is so responsive, I wonder when she even sleeps! If she doesn’t have an answer, rest assure she’ll find one! Oh and hire her for your birth photography because you will spend every day regretting it if you don’t. She has the eye and heart at capturing those moments."

"...she was a calm and supportive presence."

“Alyssa was an amazing doula and I recommend her without reservation. She was easy to establish communication with and responded to text and e-mail in a timely fashion. She helped me and my family feel at ease leading up to the birth. During the labor and birth she was a calm and supportive presence. And she took some fabulous photos. I have worked with and know several doulas as an Ob/Gyn. It was also important to me that she get along with hospital staff, but also advocate for me, which she pulled off very smoothly."

M. Mahnert

"...couldn't have asked for better labor support..."

"Kristy was incredible, organized and on top of things, yet very comfortable and laid back. She was all about what WE wanted. She was supportive and encouraging through a very long labor and went above and beyond what we ever would have imagined. I couldn’t have asked for a better labor support as I aimed for a non-medicated induced delivery. She helped me to get exactly what I wanted, even when in the midst of it, I forgot that I actually wanted it. Together we achieved my goal of no epidural, and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing doula and husband team! In preparation for our delivery we met several times and communicated through text and calls. Even the nurses commented the next day on how much they liked her as a doula! Thank you, Kristy, !!"

C. Smith

"..doing everything with a lot of love and care."

"My family was honored to have Kristy Martin as our doula. From the moment we first met her we noticed that she was very professional, very well prepared, had a lot of experience and more importantly a great personality! She guided us in helping create our birth plan and during on call hours she was always available to guide you in any question that you might have. Kristy stayed with us the entire time supporting me and my wife doing everything with a lot of love and care. She took pictures during labor to capture the precious moments for us to cherish. Kristy went above and beyond our expectations she made the experience a lot better for us. We were very lucky. Thank you!"

E. Monarrez

"..I couldn't have done it without her..."

"Bringing my baby girl into this world would have been drastically different without Melissa, I am SO thankful that we decided on her as our doula! I tell her that I couldn't have done it without her, and she's right, I could have, but I am SO glad I didn't have to! Both me and my husband are eternally grateful to have had her share this experience with us! From the very beginning she provided us with evidence based articles to help with any questions I had. She also blew me away by capturing the purest moments of our birth story that I will cherish for the rest of my life! I highly recommend Melissa and I look forward to having her at my future births!"

K. Cubit

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