Alyssa has always had a nurturing spirit and her role as a doula evolved seamlessly. She is passionate about birthing families having choices, resources, and receiving the very best possible care during this monumental transformation as an individual, mother and as their outside relationships evolve.

After 9 years of attending over 400 births, Alyssa is now taking a limited amount of clients to lead her expanding team of doulas. The two roles that are calling her to continue growing and learning are being a business mentor to new doulas in the community and be a more available Mom. Her children are getting older (11 &13!) and being present for them is incredibly important during this fleeting time.

Alyssa has a heart to love, honor, and serve all souls from all walks of life. She will continue to make inclusivity at the core of Cherry Blossom. She is experienced with un-medicated birth, VBAC, high risk, high anxiety, loss, LGBTQA families, and fertility struggles.

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The Cherry Blossom Doula Story

founded by alyssa leon in 2013


"Birth work is all-encompassing and support is a necessity!"

-Alyssa Leon, Owner

Our Story:

From the beginning

Fueled by the mission of providing birthing families the choices, resources, and the very best possible care during their monumental transformation as an individual, mother and as they welcome a new soul to their family.

Alyssa created Cherry Blossom Doula Services in 2013 with nothing more than a deep knowing that she was supposed to help pregnant women as a little girl.

Over the next 4 years, Alyssa continued supporting families in all birth settings and in 2018, decided to expand Cherry Blossom and brought on another labor doula due to the increase in clientele.

Before Alyssa became a certified doula, she obtained her childbirth educator certification and lactation educator training, while working at a local obgyn office teaching group prenatal classes. Alyssa applied for a mentorship program at a local birth center and continued attending births as a doula. 

Following a passion in supporting birthing families.





2020 was the most challenging season that Cherry Blossom team had ever weathered. Although there was a lot of unknown, it solidified how important community was and the team became even stronger!

In 2021, Alyssa co-founded the Root and Rise Collective, which has provided a warm and professional community space for clients to attend appointments, monthly group prenatal meet ups, free bi-weekly postpartum social groups and offer many more classes! The product line for pregnancy and postpartum boxes was launched and are loving the organic collaborations with other providers to better support our families and community.

We will continue growing at an organic pace that is led by our clients and their needs. Cherry Blossom will be expanding to other locations in the valley, creating more opportunities to make an impactful difference in the greater Phoenix area.

In 2019, Cherry Blossom added Postpartum Doula services with families needing more support after they brought their sweet babes home and opened their first office.





2022 & Beyond

Providing the birth experience you desire on your terms

unique services


All committed to supporting and educating the birthing community


Placenta prints, cord keepsake, tinctures and capsules.

placentas encapsulated



Including hospital/cesarean, birth center and home births

births attended


 Assisting & loving on families as a labor doula 



labor, postpartum doula, birth photography, lifestyle photography, placenta encapsulation, childbirth education and labor & postpartum box services

meet the team

My journey into birth work did not happen overnight or by accident. I worked on completing the nursing prerequisites and volunteered at Chandler Hospital in the Postpartum Depression Support Group. Shortly after, I trained at Southwest institute of healing arts in Swedish and Prenatal massage and Reiki energy work.

The labors and births of my children were soul changing, and both equally unique! I took a break from school and became certified through CAPPA as a Childbirth Educator and taught childbirth classes all over the valley. I felt once I unlocked the door to show my full potential, more opportunities than I could have imagined came my way, and this is how I landed in doula work.

In 2013 I started assisting families as a birth doula and, as of 2022, have ATTENDED OVER 400 BIRTHS. I am experienced in all birth settings (including hospital/cesarean, birth center and home births). I have always had a nurturing spirit and my role as a doula evolved seamlessly.

I am passionate about birthing families having choices, resources, and receiving the very best possible care during this monumental transformation as an individual, mother and as their outside relationships evolve.

As Cherry Blossom has continued growing, I am now taking a limited amount of clients. The mentorship and leadership roles of the Cherry Blossom team are calling me to continue evolving and learning. My children are getting older (11 &13!) and being present for them is incredibly important during this fleeting time.

Alyssa has a heart to love, honor, and serve all souls from all walks of life. She will continue to make inclusivity at the core of Cherry Blossom. She is experienced with un-medicated birth, VBAC, high risk, high anxiety, fertility struggles, loss, BIPOC, and LGBTQA families.


"My passion is supporting women through natural minded birth, encouraging and watching them transform into a wiser, stronger and more beautiful version of themselves."


Owner, Labor Doula & Birth Photographer


Jennifer Magnano is an Ayurvedic postpartum doula, integrative life coach and trauma-informed yoga instructor. She advocates for maternal-child mental health and has survived (and thrived) post two complicated pregnancies, an early and critically ill baby, and postpartum depression and anxiety.

As a chronic illness warrior for over two decades, Jennifer aims to empower women with the education necessary to create long term wellness, calm & stability beginning in the postpartum space. Self awareness, mindfulness and self care practices are the foundation of her work, including kitchen medicine; with an emphasis on gut health and simplifying ancient wisdom for all mothers of all backgrounds. Today, Jennifer leads postpartum initiatives with Cherry Blossom Doula Services & spends her spare time living her best life: reading, writing, gardening, hiking, and studying theology and natural medicine. She lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband of 13 years, their two miracle kids, and several rescue pets.

From 2012-14, Jennifer ran the first grant-funded yoga program in the state of Connecticut. Focusing on at-risk moms and babes, surveys showed that 67% of moms continued to use mindfulness practices at home and it deeply influenced their ability to parent with patience and grace. In December 2019, VoyagePhoenix highlighted Jennifer's work in maternal mental health. The following April, she was recognized as one the the Top 40 under 40 Women Worth Following Phoenix Edition by social influencer Alli Worthington. Jennifer released her first book called Bliss & Blue in honor of her daughter’s journey in March 2022.



Postpartum Doula Director, Certified Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula & Mental Health Advocate

Ayurvedic postpartum doula


Kristy is a fun and full of life Birth Doula, Photographer, and Placenta Encapsulator. It was always written in the stars that Kristy would fall into the area of supporting women and birth work. Kristy grew up In Northern California in a hippy vibing town right outside of coastal Santa Cruz. She grew up surrounded by the flower children of the 60’s where Kristy soaked up their feminist points of view, body autonomy rights, women’s liberation, and basic human rights for all people. Attending ASU, she earned her BS in Sociology and has been in the desert ever since with a few stints of living in Kailua, Hawaii and San Francisco, California. Besides all things birthy – Kristy shares a love for beach time with her family, concerts, plants, podcasts, & documentaries.

Kristy has welcomed over 300 babies and has been a Birth Doula since she was certified in 2013. Before joining the Cherry Blossom team two years ago she spent time growing as a birth doula by assisting a homebirth midwife, working at a birth center as a transfer doula, hosting many postpartum groups, along with owning her very own small doula business. As a Birth Doula she provides warm & nurturing support with a very calming presence. Empowering clients with correct birthing knowledge and complete body autonomy is extremely important to her. She is also trained in the art of Spinning babies, Rebozo technique, counter pressure, massage, and body movement mechanics. Kristy has three children and has had extremely different birthing experiences with each child – from medicated to unmedicated natural birth.

Kristy loves working with all types of clients and has a passion for working with teen pregnancies and adoption situations. She was born to a teen mother and placed for adoption herself and has been very active in many different teen and adoption support groups. These groups include Search-Finders where she provided assistance to adult adoptees who were searching for their birth parents & birth parents searching for their relinquished child. Kristy also spent many years as a mentor for teen mothers that were placing their child for adoption.



Labor doula &  Birth Photographer

Birth Doula, Photographer, & Placenta Encapsulator


Marlène has always had a passion for helping others. A natural nurturer, she can be found helping friends and family members whenever possible. In school she was involved in many volunteer organizations. Community IMPACT matters to Marlène so very much.

Being one of the first among her friends to become a momma, she has been loving on the women in her life during their postpartum period for over a decade. Her passion to support women during this time only became stronger after her own pregnancy losses and postpartum struggles.

When introduced to the Postpartum Doula profession (a former client of Cherry Blossom founder Alyssa Leon!!) Marlène fell in love with this traditional mother-centered work.

Marlène is California born, and Arizona raised. She lives in the San Tan Valley and loves it's small town feel; is married to her best friend; and they have two wonderful blessings: their beautiful 13 year old daughter Izabella & their rainbow baby Julian who just turned four! Marlène feels incredibly blessed and is excited to begin this dream journey of empowering women and supporting families.



Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula


Megan is in an incredibly passionate DONA certified Birth Doula and student herbalist that has been actively supporting Phoenix families in their journey to a beautiful birth experience for the past 4 years. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ Megan shares a love for birth, plants, her dogs, and this beautiful desert that we call home. 

As a birth doula, she provides complete emotional and physical support for families before, during, and after birth. Megan believes that when people feel empowered during the birth of their children, they can begin parenthood with positive energy and loving hearts. She supports birthing people by meeting their emotional, physical and informational needs, while also supporting partners and other support people that are attending or involved in the birth process.

Megan is a birth justice advocate and is very involved in harm reduction of all kinds as this is one of the things that she is most passionate about. She actively works towards de-stigmatizing people who use substances, reducing harm to womxn and people who birth and educating people on their options while being there for them to help reduce the chances of abuse. She has supported L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ folx, people who are in recovery, polyamorous/open families and those who are stigmatized by society in various ways and she strongly believes that all birthing people should be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of their race, gender, or socioeconomic status.



Labor Doula Director, Labor Doula, Birth Photographer

Labor Doula


I grew up in Montana with my amazing family. I am the tenth child out of eleven and I’m now an aunt to thirty nieces and nephews. I have always been close to my family and have had the opportunity to spend many days, weekends, and summers making priceless memories with each of them. When I found out that two of my sisters were pregnant, I wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible to support them through their exciting journey.

In 2018 I became a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a Breastfeeding Counselor through the International Doula Institute. I have spent nearly my entire life caring for others in a personal and professional setting. I am currently a student learning to support rainbow mamas and their families with course work through SBD University. Working with children and their families in the foster care system helping them learn, grow, and thrive has also gifted me with the experience to help families through hardship. Helping the community grow by giving families, of all types, knowledge to thrive is my life mission.

Four years ago, I moved to Arizona to be with the love of my life. We enjoy spending time in nature hiking, camping, and kayaking. Together, we also love to cook and raise our two cats and Dutch Shepherd, which keeps life entertaining. We truly cherish our life together and I feel incredibly blessed to have an endless amount of love in life and I look forward to sharing
my light by working with you.


Postpartum Doula




Grounded in her experience as a pediatric nurse, Hannah has cared for hundreds of families as they transition to life with a newborn.

She knows there are many different ways to be a good parent and loves to validate and share knowledge with her clients as they blossom into this new role. 

Hannah is so excited to join Cherry Blossom as a postpartum doula. She’s seen how the postpartum period is beautiful, exciting, and also really hard! Hannah always wants her families to feel prepared and confident as they navigate postpartum recovery, newborn care, and intentionally raising those precious little humans. 

Hannah specializes in supporting mental wellness, infant feeding, and unbiased education. She is so honored with each new family who asks her to join them on their postpartum adventure. She’d love to be a part of yours!

“When mothers and fathers are supported, the baby thrives, the relationship thrives, the community thrives, and our planet thrives.” - Kimberly Ann Johnson, The Fourth Trimester 

Hannah Q.

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula



I heard whispers about birth as a mystical passage that can be deeply spiritual but was taught to fear this naturally occurring process. I witnessed firsthand how the management of birth can leave people disempowered and fumbling for identity but in my bones, I knew birth was not a clinical procedure but a transformative life event deserving reverence. My path to discovering doula work has been a beautiful unfolding of remembering the sacred way of welcoming and honoring life.

I trained with Carriage House Birth and certified through Whapio & The Matrona, which created a holistic doula practice rooted in birth justice and the natural, physiological process of birth. The first birth I attended was in support of a free birthing mama, unmedicated and completely undisturbed. Holding space for this pregnancy unlocked what’s possible when you allow the birthing body to create their own dance with birth.

To be a doula is to advocate for your deepest desires and wellbeing, trust the capacity of your body, inform families of the spectrum of available care, and nurture the limitless unfolding & expansion of mind, body, and soul. I’m trained in grounding tools like visualization, meditation, reiki, and movement (yoga/dance) as part of a wider spiritual practice of coming home to your body.  

Outside of Cherry Blossom, I’m helping brands birth their sacred visions in a shop I founded in Downtown Phoenix, writing my second book, learning the art of creating sacred space in the home, and deepening my role as mama to one incredible Capricorn sun. I believe doula care should be accessed without barriers by all families, and am deeply passionate about filling a gap in care for those experiencing the lasting impact of incarceration, substance abuse & overdose, and/or poverty.

Hannah A.

Labor Doula

Labor Doula & Birth Photographer



Shaye has been on her medicine woman path for five years, she full heartedly trusts in Life, Birth, and Postpartum and that they deserve to be held with sacredness and honor. As a full spectrum birthworker and wombkeeper, she is devoted to upholding reverence for birth, breath, rebirth and the fourth trimester. 

Shaye lives a womb centered life and believes that through restoring reverence for birth, we can embody and remember our birthrights to being centered in our truth, bodies, intuition, hearts and wombs; the inner wisdom within. She holds with reverence that Life is Ceremony, and feels we all deserve sacred containers that hold space for us to be fully present through the initiations of life, of birthing, and the integration of postpartum. She feels it is a great honor to hold space in this way as a doula, to bring forth an all encompassing support.

The medicine she shares is full spectrum, she holds space for healing not only in the physical, but in the mental, emotional and spiritual ways as well. She is trained in indigenous healing ways, and offers womb healing sessions, sound baths, closing of the bones, mama yoga breath and meditation guide. 

Shaye lovingly thanks the babies that will be birthed through her for guiding her path. 


Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula 



Aleta has spent the last 20 years advocating for herself and others in the birth world. As a military wife, she has birthed 6 children in 5 different states and one country, and has been transferring her love and knowledge to military families for over a decade. Aleta has always felt that the postpartum period is tender and vulnerable, and her heart lies with holding space for families during this time. 

In 2020, Aleta and her family moved back to the Valley of the Sun as her husband prepares to retire from the US Air Force. Faced with the possibility of finally being in one place for longer than 2 years, she decided to officially jump into doula work. She is currently working on her Postpartum Doula certification through CAPPA as well as exploring a Lactation Education certification to help new mothers whose desire is to breastfeed.

Aleta’s experiences traveling the world with her family allowed her to witness that there are a million different ways to be a family. Not better or worse, just different. She prides herself on helping your family find your new rhythm after birth. She is passionate about supporting all families in their fourth trimester and is inclusive of all family dynamics. Aleta is all too familiar with the whirlwind of being sent home with a new baby and not having enough support. She has seen how even a little bit of support and education can impact postpartum recovery and set your family up to thrive! Aleta strives to be the still, calm soul that feeds your family physically, emotionally, and spiritually during your tender fourth trimester season. 


Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula 



"My husband and I both agree, that having a baby without a Doula should not be an option. We wish that we could gift this incredible blessing to every expecting parent."

We first reached out to Kristy because we were nervous my husband would faint at the first signs of pain/blood.. Thanks to Kristy's kind encouragement, and loving support, my husband was able to step into his role as my partner, and enjoy every second of both births. Thanks to Kristy's leadership and calm guidance I felt more confident and in control of MY birthing experience, which helped me safely bring two amazing little boys in to this world. I know not everyone gets to have their dream birth story, but I feel incredibly lucky to have had the love and support from Cherry Blossom Doula Services that helped make my dreams come true.

Would absolutely recommend Kristy to anyone and everyone I know!”


Kind Words

Kind Words

"Alyssa has been my doula twice, both very different births but one thing remained constant: she’s a calming presence in the middle of chaos. "

Alyssa reminds you of how strong you are in the right moments.She walked with us through complicated moments and her experience and knowledge really helped us through an unexpected cesarean birth, and a powerful VBAC. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or second or third birth, having a doula is one of the most caring things you can do for yourself.

Alyssa has built a business with women that are just as kind, strong, inclusive and smart as her and Cherry Blossom has been an excelent resource for birth and beyond.”

- Lorena

- Brittany

Kind Words

"She empowered us to advocate for ourselves during labor to work towards the birth we wanted. If you’re one the fence about hiring a doula, definitely do it! "

We had the honor of having Megan as our doula for our first baby born at the end of October. Her support and guidance meant the world to us during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and even postpartum. Megan is a light and has a calming presence that automatically helps ground you. She supported and loved on my me and my husband during labor and delivery and we definitely would have had a much different experience without her. She is highly knowledgeable and always had resources for us on whatever topic we needed, whether it was a documentary on breastfeeding or birth or evidenced based articles on any number of topics. She absolutely goes above and beyond for her families. She empowered us to advocate for ourselves during labor to work towards the birth we wanted. If you’re one the fence about hiring a doula, definitely do it! Every mama deserves to have a Megan with them on their journey!”

"...couldn't have asked for better labor support..."

"Kristy was incredible, organized and on top of things, yet very comfortable and laid back. She was all about what WE wanted. She was supportive and encouraging through a very long labor and went above and beyond what we ever would have imagined. I couldn’t have asked for a better labor support as I aimed for a non-medicated induced delivery. She helped me to get exactly what I wanted, even when in the midst of it, I forgot that I actually wanted it.

Together we achieved my goal of no epidural, and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing doula and husband team! In preparation for our delivery we met several times and communicated through text and calls. Even the nurses commented the next day on how much they liked her as a doula! Thank you, Kristy, !!"

C. Smith

"..doing everything with a lot of love and care."

"My family was honored to have Kristy Martin as our doula. From the moment we first met her we noticed that she was very professional, very well prepared, had a lot of experience and more importantly a great personality! She guided us in helping create our birth plan and during on call hours she was always available to guide you in any question that you might have. Kristy stayed with us the entire time supporting me and my wife doing everything with a lot of love and care. She took pictures during labor to capture the precious moments for us to cherish. Kristy went above and beyond our expectations she made the experience a lot better for us. We were very lucky. Thank you!"

E. Monarrez

"..I couldn't have done it without her..."

"Bringing my baby girl into this world would have been drastically different without Melissa, I am SO thankful that we decided on her as our doula! I tell her that I couldn't have done it without her, and she's right, I could have, but I am SO glad I didn't have to! Both me and my husband are eternally grateful to have had her share this experience with us! From the very beginning she provided us with evidence based articles to help with any questions I had. She also blew me away by capturing the purest moments of our birth story that I will cherish for the rest of my life! I highly recommend Melissa and I look forward to having her at my future births!"

K. Cubit

We collaborate with Matrescence's Fourth Trimester and Women's Health Innovations to provide discounted services to clients in need and lead a free weekly postpartum group.  We connect new doulas to families looking for free or largely discounted services. 

supporting communities & the mothers in them

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Clear drapes for C-section Moms

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We are a financial supporter of the non-profit Willow Wish Foundation, have been invited as a vendor at the ACNM (Arizona Certified Nurse Midwife) conference for the last 2 years and support the 4th Trimester Arizona at their yearly community conference. We love educating and enjoy community outreach events!

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