In 2019, Cherry Blossom added Postpartum Doula services with the increase of families needing more support after they brought their sweet babes home!  In the middle of 2019 Cherry Blossom opened their first office, which has provided a warm and professional space for clients to attend appointments, monthly group meet ups and our free weekly postpartum community group. 

In 2020, we are adding on our very first childbirth education series, selling pregnancy and postpartum boxes and working on collaborating with other providers to better support our families!

Birth work is all-encompassing and support is a necessity!

Before Alyssa became a certified doula, she obtained her childbirth educator certification and lactation educator training, while working at a local obgyn office teaching group prenatal classes.

Alyssa applied for a mentorship program at a local birth center and continued attending births as a doula. (2014)

Over the next 4 years, Alyssa continued supporting families in all birth settings and in 2018, decided to expand Cherry Blossom and brought on another labor doula due to the increase in clientele.

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My journey into birth work did not happen overnight or by accident. I worked on completing the nursing prerequisites and volunteered at Chandler Hospital in the Postpartum Depression Support Group. Shortly after, I trained at Southwest institute of healing arts in Swedish and Prenatal massage and Reiki energy work.

After experiencing two very different labors and births of my own children, I took a break from school and focused on being a mom while working at a job that helped to contribute to the household.  Before jumping into Doula work, I became certified through CAPPA as a Childbirth Educator and taught childbirth classes all over the valley. I felt once I unlocked the door to show my full potential, more opportunities than I could have imagined came my way.

In 2013 I started assisting families as a labor doula and, as of 2020, have ATTENDED OVER 300 BIRTHS. I am experienced in all birth settings (including hospital/cesarean, birth center and home births).


My passion is supporting women through natural minded birth, encouraging and watching them transform into a wiser, stronger and more beautiful version of themselves.


Jennifer Magnano is an Ayurvedic postpartum doula, integrative life coach and trauma-informed yoga instructor. She advocates for maternal-child mental health and has survived (and thrived) post two complicated pregnancies, an early and critically ill baby, and postpartum depression and anxiety.

As a a chronic illness warrior for over two decades, Jennifer aims to empower women with the education necessary to create long term wellness, calm & stability beginning in the postpartum space. Self awareness, mindfulness and self care practices are the foundation of her work, including "kitchen medicine"; with an emphasis on gut health and simplifying ancient wisdom for all mothers of all backgrounds. Today, Jennifer leads postpartum initiatives with Cherry Blossom Doula Services & spends her spare time living her best life: reading, writing, gardening, taking long walks, and studying theology and natural medicine. She lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband of over 10 years, two precious kids, and a "future therapy dog" named Mya.

In 2012-14, Jennifer ran the first grant-funded yoga program in the state of Connecticut. Focusing on at risk moms and babes, surveys showed that 67% of moms continued to use mindfulness practices at home and it deeply influenced their ability to parent with patience and grace. In December 2019, VoyagePhoenix highlighted Jennifer's work in maternal mental health. 

In April 2020, Jennifer was recognized as one the the Top 40 under 40 Women Worth Following Phoenix Edition by social influencer Alli Worthington.



Kristy Martin has been an active Birth Doula in the East Valley for 6 years!
She graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Sociology & Recreational Management. Kristy spent 12 years in the area of Software Sales & Pharmaceutical Sales - although lucrative it was not where her heart was! 

Kristy is a natural nurturer and has always had an interest in genetics, fetal development, and the labor and birthing process which led her to become a Certified Birth Doula.

Kristy is from Saratoga, California (although she has been out in the desert for over 20 years, she will always claim to be a California girl at heart). She loves spending time with her 3 children and husband Dan, is a foodie and likes trying new restaurants, loves to laugh and you can always find her at an NKTOB concert.


"When women support each other, incredible things happen."


Marlène has always had a passion for helping others. A natural nurturer, she can be found helping friends and family members whenever possible. In school she was involved in many volunteer organizations. Community IMPACT matters to Marlène so very much.

Being one of the first among her friends to become a momma, she has been loving on the women in her life during their postpartum period for over a decade. Her passion to support women during this time only became stronger after her own pregnancy losses and postpartum struggles.

When introduced to the Postpartum Doula profession (a former client of Cherry Blossom founder Alyssa Leon!!) Marlène fell in love with this traditional mother-centered work.

Marlène is California born, and Arizona raised. She lives in the San Tan Valley and loves it's small town feel; is married to her best friend; and they have two wonderful blessings: their beautiful 13 year old daughter Izabella & their rainbow baby Julian who just turned four! Marlène feels incredibly blessed and is excited to begin this dream journey of empowering women and supporting families.



Megan is in an incredibly passionate DONA certified Birth Doula and student herbalist that has been actively supporting Phoenix families in their journey to a beautiful birth experience for the past 4 years. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ Megan shares a love for birth, plants, her dogs, and this beautiful desert that we call home. 

As a birth doula, she provides complete emotional and physical support for families before, during, and after birth. Megan believes that when people feel empowered during the birth of their children, they can begin parenthood with positive energy and loving hearts. She supports birthing people by meeting their emotional, physical and informational needs, while also supporting partners and other support people that are attending or involved in the birth process.

Megan is a birth justice advocate and is very involved in harm reduction of all kinds as this is one of the things that she is most passionate about. She actively works towards de-stigmatizing people who use substances, reducing harm to womxn and people who birth and educating people on their options while being there for them to help reduce the chances of abuse. She has supported L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ folx, people who are in recovery, polyamorous/open families and those who are stigmatized by society in various ways and she strongly believes that all birthing people should be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of their race, gender, or socioeconomic status



It feels as if I have always been a nurturer; a big sister to my siblings, a confidante for my friends, a source of knowledge for my students, a mother to my own children. The right way to explain this eludes me, but I feel as if I have been practicing my whole life to become a doula. Throughout my own pregnancies, births, postpartum periods, and parenting experiences, i have run the gamut.

I have been attending births in an unofficial capacity since 2007, and as a DONA trained and StillBirthday certified since 2017. I have experience in hospital birth as an assistant and unit coordinator on our local Women & Infants unit, served as a doula in over 150 births, with my local homebirth midwife in an assistant’s capacity, and with more than 20 families in their postpartum journey. Personally, I have over 7 years of breastfeeding experience, in addition to being a member of the La Leche League and assisting my clients in their breastfeeding careers. With my second pregnancy, I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety; through this experience I became passionate that all mothers be heard and educate themselves about the normal moods and reactions to new motherhood. I look forward to listening to birthing people of all shapes and sizes: all the little details of pregnancy, each individual birth preference, every unique joy or concern. I would be honored to be even the smallest part of your beautiful family story. Most of all, I hope to bring my heart and hands to help you achieve the birth you are dreaming of and to welcome your newest family member amidst peace and love!



Kind Words

"...I don't think I could have made it through my home birth without her- I'm not exaggerating!"

“Where do we start?! Alyssa is pretty much an angel on Earth. My wife and I were are so blessed to have come across Cherry Blossom when searching for doula services. She was a wonderful support throughout my entire pregnancy. When I say I don’t think I could have made it through my home birth without her- I'm not exaggerating! She was an amazing physical support knowing exactly what to recommend to cope with surges. But beyond that she was an amazing emotional support. We hired her as our birth photographer as well and OMG, the photos were amazing. Anyone wondering if it’s possible for one person to play both roles (doula and birth photographer), it’s absolutely possible, especially when Alyssa is doing it! At no point did one interfere with the other. She did it all so seamlessly. It was bittersweet to have our babe born because it meant that our time with Alyssa came to an end! excited to work with her again next time!"

B. Rosa

A. Halsell

"She served as a huge emotional crutch during and after the pregnancy.  She is so responsive, I wonder when she even sleeps!"

“By my third pregnancy, I FINALLY decided it was time for a doula. I had my 2nd without meds and wanted the same for this one. And, let’s be real, partners are awesome and supportive BUT don’t always know exactly what to say or do.  Choosing Alyssa was the best decision I’ve made. She encompasses total nurturing momma vibes. She is soft and gentle, her voice sing-songy, you just feel like you’re being “held” in her presence.”
We had a prenatal diagnosis of both Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect and Alyssa’s empathy, gentleness, care and consistent checking in sets her apart. She served as a huge emotional crutch during and after the pregnancy. She is so responsive, I wonder when she even sleeps! If she doesn’t have an answer, rest assure she’ll find one! Oh and hire her for your birth photography because you will spend every day regretting it if you don’t. She has the eye and heart at capturing those moments."

"...she was a calm and supportive presence."

“Alyssa was an amazing doula and I recommend her without reservation. She was easy to establish communication with and responded to text and e-mail in a timely fashion. She helped me and my family feel at ease leading up to the birth. During the labor and birth she was a calm and supportive presence. And she took some fabulous photos. I have worked with and know several doulas as an Ob/Gyn. It was also important to me that she get along with hospital staff, but also advocate for me, which she pulled off very smoothly."

M. Mahnert

"...couldn't have asked for better labor support..."

"Kristy was incredible, organized and on top of things, yet very comfortable and laid back. She was all about what WE wanted. She was supportive and encouraging through a very long labor and went above and beyond what we ever would have imagined. I couldn’t have asked for a better labor support as I aimed for a non-medicated induced delivery. She helped me to get exactly what I wanted, even when in the midst of it, I forgot that I actually wanted it. Together we achieved my goal of no epidural, and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing doula and husband team! In preparation for our delivery we met several times and communicated through text and calls. Even the nurses commented the next day on how much they liked her as a doula! Thank you, Kristy, !!"

C. Smith

"..doing everything with a lot of love and care."

"My family was honored to have Kristy Martin as our doula. From the moment we first met her we noticed that she was very professional, very well prepared, had a lot of experience and more importantly a great personality! She guided us in helping create our birth plan and during on call hours she was always available to guide you in any question that you might have. Kristy stayed with us the entire time supporting me and my wife doing everything with a lot of love and care. She took pictures during labor to capture the precious moments for us to cherish. Kristy went above and beyond our expectations she made the experience a lot better for us. We were very lucky. Thank you!"

E. Monarrez

"..I couldn't have done it without her..."

"Bringing my baby girl into this world would have been drastically different without Melissa, I am SO thankful that we decided on her as our doula! I tell her that I couldn't have done it without her, and she's right, I could have, but I am SO glad I didn't have to! Both me and my husband are eternally grateful to have had her share this experience with us! From the very beginning she provided us with evidence based articles to help with any questions I had. She also blew me away by capturing the purest moments of our birth story that I will cherish for the rest of my life! I highly recommend Melissa and I look forward to having her at my future births!"

K. Cubit

We collaborate with Matrescence's Fourth Trimester and Women's Health Innovations to provide discounted services to clients in need and lead a free weekly postpartum group.  We connect new doulas to families looking for free or largely discounted services. 

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We are a financial supporter of the non-profit Willow Wish Foundation, have been invited as a vendor at the ACNM (Arizona Certified Nurse Midwife) conference for the last 2 years and support the 4th Trimester Arizona at their yearly community conference. We love educating and enjoy community outreach events!

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