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Holistic Newborn Sleep Specialist


Prenatal & Postpartum Resources

our recommended list

Luna Acupuncture

Nourished Roots ACU

Blossom Birth Center

Womb Keepers

Hypno-Birthing Class

Jules the Doula

Happy Birthing AZ

In Session with Stephanie

Aurora Midwifery

Evidenced Based Birth

Online Childbirth Series

Infant Care Classes/CPR

Home Hazard Prevention

Holistic Newborn Care


Fit 4 Mom

Own it Fitness

Helpful Resources

Evidence Based Birth

The Business of Being Born

Aviva Romm MD

The Birth Hour

Birth Tube

Favorite Podcasts

4th Trimester

Birth Kweens

Favorite Books

Mother of Mother

Circle of Birth

Honest Mommas (stitcher)


Becoming Us, Elly Taylor

Mindful Motherhood, Cassandra Vietin

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

The Mindful Mom To Be

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding

The Complete Book of Ayurveda, Vasant Lad

The Postnatal Depletion Cure, Oscar Serrallach

The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns, Elizabeth Pantley

The Fourth Trimester, K. Johnson

Herbal for the Childbearing Year, Weed

A Woman’s Best Medicine: Health, Happiness, and Long Life through Maharisha Ayurveda


Mama Bird Lactation

Hottya Consulting, LLC

Breast for Baby

AZ Breastfeeding Center

Baby Led Weaning/Toddler 

Feeding Littles

Baby Wearing

Central Arizona Babywearing


Cloth Diapering


Wrap you in Love

Fluff Love University

Fabulous Fluff Moms FB group

Birth Tube

Guided Pregnancy Meditations

VitalShip Naturopathic Family Medicine

Postpartum Depression

Agave Pediatrics

Natural Kid Doc

Nurturing Wellness Center

Paper Cranes Healthcare

Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Support International - AZ Chapter

The Blue Dot Project

Arizona Chapter of Postpartum

North Star Wellness

Well Mamas Counseling

Women's Health Innovations of Arizona

Elemental Healing Coaching

Southwest Lactation Services

AZ Breastfed Babies

First Droplets

Arizona Breastfeeding Medicine & Wellness

Feeding Littles FB group

Awesome Local Resources

My Errand Ally, LLC

Aurora Midwifery

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Thrive Pelvic Health

Miscarriage/Loss Support

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Still Birthday

The TEARS Foundation

Myropractic Natural Therapuetic Care

Isabelle's Mystic Body Works

Yoga Teachers

VBAC Facts Academy

IG @otheplacesyoullgo Katy White

Maternity/Newborn Photography

Cherry Blossom Doula Services

4th Trimester AZ

Nichole Pach Photography

The Couch and Beyond

Mobile IV Services

Mobile IV Nurses (ask for Mallorie Buscaglione)

Redemption Psychiatry

Dad Support Group

Postpartum Support International


CORE Chiropractic

Get Well Be Well Chiropractic Wellness Center

Culture Chiropractic

Kids Rising

Phoenician Wellness Center

Hypno Birthing

In Person Childbirth Series

Mind, Body, Birth Class at Root and Rise AZ

Led by Cherry Blossom postpartum doula Hannah

Lauren Smiley Fitness

Birth Centers

Holistic Mama Sleep

Happy as a Mother

Sun Sprout - local diaper service

Jensen Family Wellness

Holistic Home Pediatrics


Pelvic Rehab

Fourth Trimester Support

Cherry Blossom Doula Services

Linktree VBAC

VBAC Support

International Cesarean Awareness Network

Free Community Support

Root and Rise AZ

We all want our children to travel safely in cars. Installing a car seat for younger children and babies can be a challenge. Safe Kids can connect you to child passenger safety (CPS) technicians in your community who can check to make sure your car seats are installed correctly and teach you how to use and install a car seat on your own

Infant Development

Zero to Three

Thrive Pediatrics

Lanita England- @lana_bear74

Mary Peralta- @frommyheart_to_yours

Jessica Payne- @jessicapaynellc

Kimberly Tuttle (west side)- @mindful_mamas_and_minis

Gila Shire


Gilbert Yoga - 
IG- @gilbertyoga

Upward Light Healing-
IG- @upwardlighthealing

Buddha Belly Healing Center-
IG- @buddhabellahc

Prenatal Yoga Center- (online classes only)-
IG- @prenatalyogacenter

Rooted Yoga Phx-
IG- @rootedyogaphx

Carseat Safety Technicians

Auror Midwife Herbal Support

Freedom and the Seed

Herbal Support

Myropractor (Mesa)


Caroline Myss


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