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In newborn lifestyle photography, you and your baby are photographed in the most organic way and in a setting that best honors your home! Sometimes, other members of the family will even be involved! In this case, puppies and grandparents.

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May these photos shed light on the power and strength of birthing humans for birthing humans everywhere. Birth is beautiful. And homebirth, something uniquely-so as babes are compassionately ushered in earth side in their own time… completely unrushed.

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As an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, I find that compassion and routine with our children (and ourselves) is absolutely critical to thrive. Here are five of my favorite sibling care tips as a moms of two who has worked with hundreds of other incredible mothers over the last decade!

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Birth is beautiful. Birth transforms lives. Birth creates mothers. Birth brings forth magic. Birth is birth.

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