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WELCOME, We are Cherry blossom doula services

Birth is beautiful.

Birth transforms lives.

Birth creates mothers.

Birth brings forth magic.

Birth is birth.

We hope you’ll be just as blessed by this magical birth as we were in providing support! Doula Megan does such a wonderful job in normalizing birth as birth – and we adore seeing her work (even if we can’t see her in these shots).

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Earth side magic.

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New gallery is UP!⁠

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Nothing worthwhile is without a bit of effort; yet meeting babe for the first time is one experience we can say is most worthy of everything you’ve got.⁠

A strength you’ve never known is WITHIN you, Mom. And it’s ready for you to tap on in!

Supported birth is your right and our honor.

Most worthy of everything you’ve got.

Let us know what you think! To be alongside you to capture and support your birth is an honor, Mom.

Our latest belly birth gallery is up, Momma!

Sometimes plans change.

It is an honor to be by your side, come what may. And we can’t wait to get back into the OR with you when needed again!

Until then, we hope you enjoy these positively beautiful cesarean birth photos from last fall by the one and only @cherryblossomdoulakristy. May they bring peace to your journey – expected or not.

From first glance to first touch.

Did you see it? Did you catch it? That first glance through the clear sheet separating mom and babe? That first touch when mom and babe could finally reunite? Please excuse us while we wipe away a tear or two.

Birth is beautiful. Period.

Psst – Do you have a favorite shot? Let us know what you think!

Like many things that are directly or indirectly related to vaginas, the placenta was disregarded for a looong time.⠀

Not today.⠀

According to UNLV researchers, when they analyzed the concentrations of different substances in placenta capsules they not only found small amounts of minerals like iron and zinc. They also analyzed 17 different hormones in the placenta capsules!⠀

That seems like 17 reasons to consider a postnatal tincture or capsules to us. What do you think? Have you been researching plancenta encapsulation? What questions do you have? We are here with you, momma. Bringing you not just the support you want, but the support you need. Always.⠀

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