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A Powerful Breech Birth Story

In this album, we present to you a beautiful love story of a planned cesarean birth – as baby was breech. Breech babies can be birthed vaginally with the right providers. In this particular circumstance, mom had a large cyst on her placenta (as you’ll see in pictures below) and surgical birth was the very best option.

Did you know that breech (bottom down babe) is a unique variation of normal presentation for babies in utero? For a long time, health-care professionals recommended cesarean birth for all breech babies; we now know that in many, many circumstances breech babies may be delivered vaginally with the right provider.

To further add to this powerful birth story, both mothers planned to breastfeed this precious new babe. Doula Megan captured the moment where working to induce lactation paid off!

What a gift to be a part of this birth.

Questions about breech birth or inducing lactation in non-birthing parents or caregivers? We would love to connect with you and support you in finding the right support systems and resources to make your birthing journey beautiful and powerful, too. Reach out today.


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