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2021 – Our Year in Review!

What if you could feel an abundance of encouragement – the unconditional love necessary to bring forth you in your best form – within your birth, postpartum, motherhood or doula-ing journey?

What would it mean for your future?

The future of your family?

Your life?

222+ isn’t just a number to us.

It represents YOU.

You, the person, mother, partner and/or family we partnered with in a sacred way in and through an absolutely transformational life space.

222+ is the honor of a lifetime.

And we’re not taking one bit of this for granted.

We invite you to scroll down for more details!

In 2021, we served 157 birthing families.

We served first time mothers and those bringing earth side their third, fourth, fifth, and sixth babes. We served families who desired birth photography, placenta encapsulation, and postnatal care. We served families who have been trying to conceive for years and single mothers and almost every experience in between. We met rainbow babies and held hands as babies made their way back home.  We watched miracles manifest; and truly, we feel as though we may have been a small part of one or two.

And we served 65+ postpartum families.

The plus is because of the variety of ways we served. From the community support group at Root & Rise that we get to be a part of to months of overnight postnatal care, we were able to touch a whole lot of lives. And in return, ours were touched back. We held multiple twin babes through countless days and held so many mothers through countless nights. We made meals. We delivered them. We held womb closing ceremonies and wrapped bellies and honored women who experienced loss. And through all of it, grew.

Our growth is what – perhaps – we’re most proud of beyond showing up with open hands and hearts to you and yours in 2021.

One can hold a vision up to the light and work toward that “something beautiful and wonderful.” We’ve experienced this first-hand! We could not have walked alongside this many good and lovely souls without significant growth, though.

Both personally and professionally, our doulas grew.

Our team grew.

And we are here and ready to see ourselves and you grow in this new year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here with us.

For questions about how to grow as a doula or doula organization, please reach out. Cherry Blossom fully embodies the value that we do not compete with one another but complete one another on this journey in serving women, mothers, and birthing families. And in expressing this, we offer mentorship for both aspiring doulas and those in need of encouragement along the road.

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