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What Makes Cherry Blossom’s Doulas… Different

Our strong values and the pillars we amplify within our team of doulas make Cherry Blossom Doula Services, LLC stand out for our clients, our referral partners, and the community at large.

What can we tell you about this?

As much as you would like to hear! Scroll down for some of the scoop.

A quick history of Cherry Blossom…

In order to best comprehend where we have been and how we are “where we are” today, let’s start at the beginning.

Alyssa Leon began Cherry Blossom Doula Services, LLC as a one-woman show, attending hundreds of births in Arizona communities before a slow expansion into a labor doula team of three. When an unexpected surge in demand happened, with needs for both labor and postpartum doula services coming in at a rate we didn’t expect, Alyssa was actually quite prepared. With a positive reputation and the unwavering determination to make an impact on the landscape of birth, postpartum, and motherhood – the right women just kept showing up to fill every gap!

Our team has expanded to meet community demand with few growing pains – and we know this really does make us different. Also, we continue to expand. This kind of growth is sustainable only because we have one another – and, we stay firmly aligned with those values and pillars mentioned above.

Mothers and birthing families matter

When we work with mothers and birthing families, it is our highest priority that you know you matter. It’s why we have handouts and guides and postnatal products and community education and an exclusive resource list. It is why we partner with the community; and, invite partnership and collaboration on our own team (with bright beginners and long-time professionals each with their own niche – that fits perfectly into our own).

It is also why our values matter.

Like any partnership or relationship, your ability to connect at a value-level makes a world of difference!

[Behind the scenes: a celebration of Black breastfeeding this past summer. Photography by our maternity & newborn photographer Alexandria Devine.]

Our values impact our families

Have you ever tried to manifest something into existence? You encountered your intrinsic values the very moment visualization began! This same experience happened with Cherry Blossom. From the very beginning of expansion, when we envisioned the person or people that will work with Arizona mothers and families, our core values came up. These core values include: integrity, gratitude, community, empathy, balance, and inclusion.

And, we believe that for you to know these is for you to also know you’re in the right hands!

Each of our team members must live in alignment with these values.

Let’s define each one –

  • Integrity – our doulas act upon a code of moral and artistic values; our boundaries are healthy – and grow healthier by the day
  • Gratitude – you can expect your doula to have a deep relationship with gratitude; and we embody a heart of giving as we have received
  • Community – we believe in coming together for common community-centered goals, and therefore, do so!
  • Empathy – our emotional intelligence is the foundation of our relationships with clients, partners, and the community
  • Balance – our personal steadiness and emotional stability is palpable to those around us
  • Inclusion – we offer up a natural “all are welcome here” approach to our work and life; you matter!

What sets you apart?

We hope that after reading today’s post you feel seen, heard, and loved by our team… and the kind of “different” we have to offer. And, we also hope you are ready to look at your own core values! Whether these are personal or professional, to live in alignment with your values is to be in alignment with life itself.

Questions about our team, our dynamics, and how we serve are always welcome. We continue to take on new clients. And, Alyssa Leon & team Postpartum Director Jennifer Magnano will be offering doula mentorship circles and 1:1 skills and business support in the new year.

Click here to reach out.

We are glad to be here with you!

Your Cherry Blossom Doulas

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