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Making Postpartum Care Simple

What if with just a few tools for your postnatal journey you could have a better postpartum? We aren’t saying these are miracle supports for every hurdle you might experience – but also, we know these cover loads of challenges you might face. And even better… these tools often prevent the body-mind imbalances postpartum is known for!

Imbalance in Postpartum

Your first few days after babe has arrived matter. Your first few weeks, months, and years matter, too.

Did you know that postnatal depletion – physical and mental exhaustion – is caused not only by the nutritional needs of babe through pregnancy and breastfeeding, but also by the wildness of daily life?

Don’t worry though. Ayurveda has you covered. Because an intentional life changes everything.

Above are some of the staples in a holistic Postpartum Care Box. Take a moment. Are you familiar with these tools? From healing tea and specialized kitchen spices (plus oats for that first breakfast) to nipple/everything cream (calendula is the best!) we have seen each make such an impact on our families!

Here is a short summary of why we love these specific products:

Postpartum tea – birthing families often think of lactation tea as a go-to for postpartum mothers, but really this tea is great for every aspect of your postnatal self! A blend of nervines, uterine tonics, iron boosters, and anti-inflammatory herbs, you’ll find just what you need for body and mind.

Nipple/everything cream – calendula has long been touted as the go-to for healing breasts, bottoms, and bodies. We love this simple salve, supportive of healing cracked nipples and more! Note: nipple discomfort is one of the top reasons we receive messages from our clients post-birth.

Herbal sitz – many mothers will find this soothing sitz great for perineal care (either a soak or in their peri bottle), others will wait and use it after their belly birth incision has healed as a celebratory bath. You are worth at least 15 minutes of bliss. And any way that we can get you to take care of you, we’re all in!

Oats + kitchen spices – food is a quick, easy, and necessary way of minding body and mind in the postpartum space. The simple warmth of a one-and-done meal makes such a difference for new mothers.

Essential oils – lavender is our go-to for postpartum mothers. Inhaling the scent of lavender is clinically proven to prevent stress, anxiety, and depression after childbirth… it is a must for every box.

Looking for these products to make a box of your own? You can save time by grabbing our Postpartum Blushing Box here!

Bonus Options

We would be remiss if we did not share ways to uplevel your box. As a team dedicated to holistic practices for all paths of modern motherhood, we have a list of bonus tools influenced by Ayurvedic practices and maternal need.

This includes the addition of:

  • magnesium for better bowl movements & minor pain relief
  • balancing massage oil (an absolute essential for those following our Ayurvedic care plans)
  • reusable cloth breast pads
  • DIY-free perineal sitz spray (once babe is here, your hands might be a bit full)
  • a journal – because gratitude & mindfulness influence motherhood so very much!
  • pregnancy and postpartum affirmation cards (seen below with mama-photographer Genevieve Anders), and
  • a mug with the unparalleled strong mom reminder – needed extra, extra on those tough days

In this wild world we live in today, we’ve found our families don’t often know what to create or have the time to create something this nourishing. So, as an act of love for motherhood we took the work out of it.

Your doulas have created this Deluxe Blooming Postpartum Box so that you and those you love will thrive in this sacred life space – without the extra work, dear one.

You can order your upgraded box here.

Questions about your postpartum journey? Wondering about what some of this language means (Ayurveda, Ayurvedic care, vata imbalance, etc.)? Reach out and we will do our very best to make sure that you have a clear path to your most life-giving postpartum!

Your Cherry Blossom Doulas

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