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Black and White Birth Photography: Get Inspired

Birth isn’t black and white…

But this gallery is.

Are these not just beautiful?

As your birth photographers, we get to document your most intimate moments during labor as you bring your baby (or babies!) earth side. And we consider it an absolute privilege to be present for this transition and life-transformation. Capturing the tenderness between partners, badass new-mom-moments, siblings meeting for the first time, your support people supporting you well, and your providers in action… and of course the first expressions of babe in black and white – well, it’s something we love a little extra!

Let us know what you think of the black and white portion of this birth shoot.

Scroll down for a bit of this birth in color, too. There is nothing quite like experiencing moments like these both ways!

If you have questions about how birth photography works reach out. And to explore more of our photography, click here! We are so glad to be here with you.

Photographer: Alyssa Leon, Owner Cherry Blossom Doula Services, LLC

Midwife: Emergence Midwifery

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