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Sometimes Birth Plans Change

Sometimes birth plans change, dear one. Yet when this happens, we wholeheartedly believe (and have seen) birthing people have absolutely beautiful births.

Today, we invite you to witness one such birthing experience in an Arizona operating room documented by our very own Doula Kristy.

Can you see the beauty in this birth? We can.

When your birth plans change, you can still have a good – if not great! – birth! Here are our three tips to experience greater freedom and fluidity in your birth story.

  1. Have a village of support lined up for your labor, birth, and postpartum. It is exceptionally wise to recreate the village atmosphere of our ancestors, though this might not mean that you have everyone in the village at your birth or attending to you in your postpartum. Choose support persons who make you feel at ease, can transition easily if plans change (a great question to ask your future midwife, OB, and doula!), and want what is best for you and baby. This person must be limited in their bias, and love you unconditionally. We know for a fact our doulas are really great at this, by the way! Side note: Beyond your birth team, postpartum doulas often spend time processing your pregnancy and birth with you throughout your postpartum. They do so because this transition matters – not only to your present emotional well-being, but to your long term physical and mental health.
  2. Consider affirmations or mantras to use during pregnancy and in labor. Phrases like, “my body and my baby are wise,” “I trust the Life to provide for myself and my baby,” “I am surrounded by love and support,” and “I am prepared to meet whatever turns my birthing takes with kindness, gentleness, and ease” can make however you birth a kinder, more gentle, and easeful experience. And finally,
  3. Remember it’s OKAY to visualize the birth you want and it’s okay to research all of the options available (but only if it brings you peace). If we can be completely blunt, Google is not your best friend forever during pregnancy. If your midwife or doctor is talking about options that don’t align with your goals – make sure you’re speaking with your doula for real resources that will help you better plan for your best possible birth.

We’ll end with this love note –

While you may not be able to plan for every scenario that could come up in your labor and birth experience, we want you to know that you get to choose so much in this incredible life space. Even when things change.

To speak to a member of our birth or postpartum doula team, please click here. Every mother, birthing person, partner and family is worthy of having educated and experienced support people on this journey. And we are so very honored to be here with you.

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