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Birthing a Rainbow – “I am 1 in 4”

“This beautiful momma brought her sweet girl into her arms just under two hours from the time her surges first started.

Every birth story is so unique.
Every birth environment is different.

Some families want it quiet and intimate and some want all of their people there… and then some land somewhere in between. There is no one right way. This mom was surrounded by all the family… her children, partner and both of their moms. It was truly beautiful to document how hands on and interactive each of them was able to be.

While everyone bustled about, this momma was swept out into the darkness of labor. 
The land of quiet, of being pulled in between two worlds.

She focused on her breathing and letting go of her grief and fears, all of which are normal when bringing a soul earth side after multiple losses.

My hope for every birthing person, is that they are supported and educated in the decisions made best for their family.  That they are held through tears of heartache and true joy.  That they have hope when the burdens feel too heavy to carry.”

Alyssa Leon

Midwife: Aurora Midwifery
Pictures: Doula Alyssa Leon, Owner Cherry Blossom Doula Services, LLC

I am 1 in 4! In this picture I was terrified because Madilyn wasn’t crying, I kept asking “why isn’t she crying?” And saying “someone please make her cry!” What I didn’t share was the flashback to the moment when I delivered my baby girl at 27 weeks, she had already passed and I laid there with her on my chest knowing that I would never know what it would be like to live life with her. In this picture I was also so grateful that even with the fear, how blessed I was to bring to this world my third living baby but my 8th pregnancy! Before Michael (Abie), Mila and Madilyn we experienced every pregnancy loss; a stillbirth at 27 weeks, 3 late first trimester miscarriages, and lastly an ectopic pregnancy that nearly took my life. I blamed myself each time, that my body couldn’t give these babies the chance. I felt I was failing as a woman and a wife. My heart hurt for Michael, that he never got the chance to be their father while he yearned to expand our family. It took a lot of trust in God, a lot of self reflecting, and a whole lot of strength to get me by. I can’t tell you how I overcame it but I’m so glad I did. After Abie, we didn’t think we would be able to have any more and just when we stopped trying came the miracle of Mila. After Mila, our lives felt fulfilled and complete and we never were trying for another when along came Madilyn! My three beautiful blessings are nothing short of a miracle. This is a story many are familiar with and won’t actively share it like I have chosen to because for some reason in our society it’s taboo, but, I am here to tell you that this is a story 1 in 4 woman experience without the support that luckily I’ve had. October is pregnancy and infant loss month, a month for us to remember our babies that were to precious for Earth and a time to give a mom a hug and say “I am here for you!”

“Madilyn Aliza was born at home on 9/19 at 1:59 am weighing 7 lbs 13 oz 21 inches. It was such a beautiful calm experience and I’m so grateful for @auroramidwife and @cherryblossom_doula for their guidance and support.”

No matter what your birth journey looks like – or has looked like – it is an absolute honor to be here with you.

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