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ou’ve had a baby. You’re having a baby! (Or babies.) Welcome to a season in life when everything shifts, including how you care for your precious body. In this article, we will speak specifically to the aftercare of your uterus in postpartum, how your uterus works, and what to expect and plan for – including support.

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Do you know what to expect and how to plan for your best possible postpartum & life after an experience with infertility? Here are our best tips!

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Did you know eating for postpartum mental health makes a radical difference because almost all of your happy hormones originate in the gut? Eating the right foods postpartum matters, because you matter!

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Cook your food. Your body has two options: 1. heal from childbirth or 2. digest your food & receive all the nutrients you need for your best postpartum (& breastfeeding experience if you are nursing)!⁠⠀

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