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What I Wish I Knew (About Motherhood)

Becoming a mother is one of the most sacred life transitions a person can experience. It can also be a complicated one! For this post, we asked some of the mothers in our community to share their heartfelt response to this space.

I Wish I Knew THIS About Motherhood…

I wish I knew how hangry I’d be all the time! Between nursing an infant and having a toddler that steals everything off my plate, I feel like I can’t catch a food break. I write this as my infant takes her only good nap for the day, on my lap, with my lunch still in the microwave, an hour later.

Jill Schmidt

I wish I knew how badly I would need boundaries here! Our maternal capacity for love is absolutely profound. And, our innate ability to put ourselves last in line for love and care was totally unexpected (for me). I fell so madly in love with my babies, I didn’t see it happen. I am so incredibly thankful that 12 years later, I get to pay this wisdom forward. You matter. I matter. We matter. Mothers are worthy of feeling good in the skin they are in and the life they are living! Period.

Jennifer Magnano, Director of Postpartum Care

I wish I knew how consuming breastfeeding was (is). The one monthly prenatal meet up class that we went to at Root and Rise collective was SO helpful but I didn’t realize how much of post partum would be actually spent breastfeeding so it just came as a surprise.

Krista Fernandez

Even on the most extremely challenging days you will look at your little one sleeping and realize you wouldn’t change a thing in the world – and there is nothing your wouldn’t do for your children. Then when they shift in their sleep you will pray to all the Gods in the world that they stay asleep for the night – then you will tiptoe out like a ninja and be so thankful you have these little people in your life – you can’t even remember what life was like before! You will remember how you were told it “goes by so fast” – in the mix of it all it often doesn’t feel that way. It’s beyond true though! It goes by SO fast – a blink of an eye! 

Kristy Martin, Birth Doula & Breastfeeding Counselor

I wish I knew with more detail what the healing process for my body would be. I felt like the birth and labor I was able to prepare for, but did not fully understand the trauma and prolonged healing my body would go through after the fact!

Jessica Marinos, Postpartum Doula

I wish I knew that my sense of identity would change so drastically. The minute I learned I was going to be a mom I stopped thinking about “me”. It automatically became “us”. Every decision came with pause and thought for my little one.

I wish I knew motherhood would be so lonely but yet so rewarding. You feel so alone and so immensely loved all at the same time. I knew motherhood would change me. Everyone told me it would, but I don’t think I was ever fully prepared for how much it did change me and that while not immediate, I would come to love and embrace the new me.

Marlene Flores, Postpartum Doula

I wish I knew that it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Our culture tends to exalt “SUPER MOMS” and praise the parents who do everything and have it all put together. I sometimes look like one of those moms. And just because I may look like I have it together, does not mean that I am a ‘Super Mom’ by any means. I lose my patience, I have to apologize to my kids often. I forget appointments and outings my kids have scheduled way too often. Most days I still need help. We were not meant to raise children by ourselves in our own nuclear family. Let’s normalize asking for help and support, even when we don’t feel we need it, because everyone benefits from it.

Aleta Wills, Postpartum Doula (& Mom of 5!)

I wish I knew it was ok to ask for help. That we aren’t supposed to do motherhood alone.

Alyssa Leon, CEO & Mother of Cherry Blossom Doula Services, LLC

Thoughts? How did you experience your transition into motherhood? Feel free to email us and let us know! We are better together, always.

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