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How to Pay for Doula Care

An article on how to pay for doula care? Yes, please! Did you know that many of your doulas here at Cherry Blossom came to this week after experiencing the substantial gaps in prenatal, birth and postpartum care? Over the years we have had countless birth and postpartum clients do the work to figure out how to create the support system that they don’t only want, but need. As we explore several different options in this article, we want you to know this:

These are all based on real life with real families, Cherry Blossom friends.

Budgeting for Doula Care

We’re going to assume today that because you’re here, you already know what value birth doulas and postpartum doulas bring to your experience of this sacred, transformational transition in life. You’ve probably seen plenty of our posts, talking about things like postpartum being the biggest hormonal change in the shortest period of time in a woman or birthing persons life and how having a birth doula can be the launching pad for your life-long self and family advocacy. This season can change the landscape of your entire life and help you create a legacy of love!

So, we’re diving straight into the logistics of your care. How will you pay for your doula care?

Let’s start with step one. Budgeting for your care! We like to ask our potential clients during our free consult calls what 1) their dream birth and postpartum looks like, 2) what support systems do you already have in place, and 3) how do you manage in good stressful times (eustress is the term for healthy, normal stress) and 4) how do you manage with minimal sleep? The way you answer these questions helps guide our conversation and your care plan. If you come in with a budget, we can help guide you in choosing the right care. And if you don’t, we can help you create one.

Our only ask?

Don’t let your current finances be prohibitive to your dream. There are many ways to receive the support you need without paying for all of it on your own – or right away.

How will I pay for doula care?

Some of the common ways that our clients have chosen to pay for doula care over the years include:

  • a different kind of baby shower registry – one where you are showered or sprinkled with love and resources (other that the 16th swaddle you won’t actually need) In leu of extra baby items, your loved ones can put out a cash jar to be used towards services
  • be her village is along this same thread! – here you can create a registry item specifically for care from your Cherry Blossom Doula (we love what this organization is doing for families!) check out the link here to learn more or grab our QR code!
  • gift or receive a gift certificate with a credit towards your doula balance – all you need to do is have contact our administrative team and we’ll make it happen!
  • use your HSA/FSA card balance – doulas qualify as providers for most HSA/FSA accounts
  • receive a reimbursement for services through insurance – ask your insurance company about doula benefits! many insurance companies including some United Healthcare plans have benefits that families are not made aware of
  • does your company or place of have work benefits like Carrot? Carrot is a fertility-centered care plan for families. If you have Carrot, you can learn more about their plans here

Are there options that make Cherry Blossom different?

Yes, there are options that make Cherry Blossom different when paying for your doula care. These options include:

  • debit and credit card are both accepted here & you can receive a discount for ACH (ask us about this today!)
  • payment plans can be requested by our families
  • scholarship options are available to families through Willow Wish and Root & Rise (both local to Cherry Blossom in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area)
  • request a discounted rate and we’ll connect you with new doulas looking to gain more experience, too!

The Gift of Options

We truly believe there are options for everyone. More and more often, a parent of the birthing family will inquire about paying off invoices when they know their kids are interested in care.

Newborn Session Photography by Cherry Blossom Doula Megan Straub.

We’ve also had penty of clients pick up side jobs like uber eats, photography, product sales (like candles and herbal tinctures) to pay for services and raise funds. If this is the care you want, there is a way. In some cases that might mean adjusting your vision from six nights a week of postpartum care to two, but the benefit of receiving in this space? It makes any uncomfortable conversation, extra work load and/or research totally worth it. This season? It’s important. And, you are too.

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