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Is it possible to have a smooth transtion from postpartum doula care to stay at home parenting, daycare, and nanny or au pair care? We believe the only answer is YES! Here’s a few tips to help you succeed.

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You’ve arrived. You are pregnant! Whether you have waited for what feels like years (or it actually has been years) or this baby wasn’t expected or planned or really, any space between… Here you are. Pregnant! So, what’s next on your pregnancy journey? As a team of birth doulas who have been on this journey […]

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The United States received a D+ on maternal and infant health outcomes. These are some thoughts on why and how we move forward for mothers and birthing people, one clunky step at a time.

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Repeat client. Have you heard the term before? Families who have birthed with a certain doula and/or midwife birth with their same team again, often! One of the most significant reasons for this is the bond.

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