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Did You Bond With Your Doula? The Relationship Doesn’t Have to End

Repeat client. Have you heard the term before? Families who have birthed with a certain doula and/or midwife birth with their same team again, often! One of the most significant reasons for this is the bond. Clearly birth (and postpartum) are significant life experiences.

Why hire a doula

Because, and we’ll say it again – birth is a significant life experience. (See our post All About Birth Doulas for more.) One of our incredible clients, shares her perspective:

“I have been asked many times with both pregnancies, why hire a doula?

For starters, my husband and I have no family in the valley. So we needed the support and as we all know, BIRTH IS LIKE WALKING INTO A NEW JOB WITH LITTLE TO NO TRAINING.

Alyssa and her team were amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better group of women to support me.”

– Momma R.

The birth experience impacts not only your relationship with your baby, but with yourself… and, life.

After birth

Just like in any relationship, things shift post birth. You are focused on your new baby (or babies) – and your doula checks in on you from time to time. Especially during those first few weeks. If you have a postpartum doula, it might be even longer. But then, we might grow apart. It’s a completely natural transition, as both the doula and the family are onto new experiences, and all of life herself!

Yet, for some clients this bond lasts. We can’t explain it. Was it a match made in Heaven? The power of a shared journey with joy and/or grief? Or something else? No matter the reason we’re here for it. The experience of doing birth with you again. And, of dreaming together as several of our clients have birthed not only multiple babies with us, but careers, community impact efforts and organizations, mom & pop businesses and more!

From left to right, Alyssa Leon (Cherry Blossom CEO), Lisette (Aurora Midwifery), Momma R. (looking fabulous postpartum!), Dwan (Aurora Midwifery), and Doula Michet at the 2022 Arizona Birthworkers of Color IBCLC Appreciation Brunch. This is just one of many community events we have held at our office space, honoring the sacred journey of walking alongside beautiful humans through fertility, birth, postpartum and beyond!

What to remember

Your doula is an important part of your care team when giving birth whether it’s your first birth or your sixth! And, you need a village. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is not just being with you through fertility, birth, postpartum and life beyond – but to see you thriving for years and years to come. Whether that’s at your next birth, our next event, or in getting you the resources you need to have the community you deserve.

It’s such an incredible ride!

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