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Summer isn’t over yet here in Arizona. Your doula knows the impact summer heat has on birthing and postpartum bodies. When ignored, complications can arise! We see it every single year. A steady influx of clients who are contracting early. Breastfeeding and chest feeding mothers and parents who suddenly have a lower milk supply. Whether you are pregnant or postpartum right now, the heat can get to you when you live in the desert – or any place that gets especially hot. Fortunately, we’ve put together some tips for you to thrive! (Yes, even on day 9,567 of pregnancy.)

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One of the first signs labor is upon us is contractions. Contractions (or what we like to refer to as surges) can sometimes be confusing – even if it’s your fifth baby. Every single labor is different. Early labor might not be something you’re familiar with. Have you experienced it yet? Did your memory lump labor all into one space?

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