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Beat the Summer Heat

Summer isn’t over yet here in Arizona. Your doula knows the impact summer heat has on birthing and postpartum bodies. When ignored, complications can arise! We see it every single year. A steady influx of clients who are contracting early. Breastfeeding and chest feeding mothers and parents who suddenly have a lower milk supply. Whether you are pregnant or postpartum right now, the heat can get to you when you live in the desert – or any place that gets especially hot. It can also usher in tough challenges like dehydration (which can bring on early labor), heat rashes for moms, parents and babes – plus some extra irritability. In Traditional medicines like Ayurveda, we call this pitta season. Some folks like to change that to PITA (the acronym for “pain in the ass”) because it’s hard to be our best selves when we’re too hot!

Here are three tips that you can use during pregnancy and postpartum:

  1. Enjoy JUICY fruits. It is prime time for delicious eats like watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber and zucchini (yes, it’s a fruit!). So, eat these up! You can also make pretty wonderful fruit juices. Just remember, the fiber from your fruit is really valuable in protecting bodies from imbalance. So, if you tend to have low or high blood sugar, stick to whole fruits.
  2. Drink. Your. Water. Do you need to add something into it to enjoy it more? Try mint while pregnant or cilantro in postpartum. Lavender, chamomile, and rose hips are some other gentle and cooling herbs to try! You can also consider steeping these herbs whole, then sipping the tea with (light!) ice throughout the day.
  3. Pitta season is prime time to nap and de-stress. In aligning with this time (we are headed into the second half of the year where we look for ways to unwind) it would be a great idea to start dissecting your plans for the rest of the year Lighten the load and you’ll feel better! Okay, just one more we need to slide in today…
  4. Slow down your workouts. Consider trading aerobics classes and running for activities like swimming, yoga or tai chi. Both of the latter can also improve your mental health in substantial ways because of their stress-reducing qualities! As a note, for postpartum bodies we suggest easing in gently. Definitely listen to your body and notice if workouts bring your mind into a more settled place. Typically, we suggest you start with short walks. You can also reach out to us for information on Pelvic Floor Therapy, which can be a huge support as you transition into movement post vaginal or cesarean birth.

Which option resonates for you? Is there something you’re already doing to support yourself in this space that you would like to share with us?

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