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Postpartum Meal Delivery in Arizona

Have you considered the immense value of consuming good, clean food for your precious postpartum body? For the body of someone you love who has birthed and/or adopted a new miracle babe? Food is medicine in every single Postpartum Medicine Tradition around the world!

We value this so much at Cherry Blossom that we not only prepare in home meals, but we have partnered with a Traditional Postpartum Meal Delivery program for the Phoenix area. (And beyond!)

Postpartum bodies, lives and families matter.

Food as medicine

We have written about it countless times: the postpartum period can be challenging for new mothers, parents and partners too! It is especially tough when someone has just given birth and does not have the essential resources needed, like a good support system and accessible meals.

After carrying a baby for nine months and going through the demanding-yet-rewarding marathon that is childbirth, your body needs time to rest, recover, heal, and of course bond with your new baby. The emotional toll of waiting for baby as an adoptive parent? That is equally as valid a path. One that requires nuture and support from outside your home. Because holding, cuddling (skin to skin!) and simply being present can help foster a strong connection that will last a lifetime.

Photograph of dad and babe taken by our very own postpartum doula Kristy Martin.

During this time, maintaining a healthy postpartum diet is crucial in order for the entire family to thrive.  Traditional wisdom advises consuming warm, nutrient-rich, and easy-to-digest foods, such as soups, stews, and broths. These foods can help to warm the body and reignite the digestive system, which often slows or shuts down during childbirth.

For folks who haven’t given birth, these foods are so grounding for you too!

Are you prepared for postpartum?

In preparation for postpartum, it helps to cook and freeze a variety of meals in advance, using high-quality, whole-food ingredients. These postpartum freezer meals can be a lifesaver during the early days when exhaustion and fatigue are common. The last thing a new mom or family wants to worry about is cooking elaborate, time-consuming meals.

The best postpartum meals are:

  • Warm, soft, easy-to-digest
  • Clean, nutrient-dense
  • Soups, stews, porridge, broths, congee.  
Above, VP & postpartum director Jennifer Magnano & postpartum doula Aleta Wills pose in the kitchen. We take pride in a postpartum team full of pretty incredible chefs. Photo from 2022 by Katy White.

There are also some foods we don’t recommend in postpartum.

Postpartum foods to avoid:

  • Cold, hard, dry, crunchy, raw
  • Highly-processed, non-organic
  • Cold drinks/smoothies, chips, raw veggies

Postpartum Meal Delivery in Phoenix

For families who need a little help (or a lot!), Cherry Blossom is proud to be in partnership with Mama Meals to support you throughout this sacred space. This is a healthy postpartum meal delivery service available for all of Arizona – Phoenix as well as Tuscon and Flagstaff areas! Mama Meals is an excellent postpartum meal delivery for those seeking pre-made, nutritious meals. Their food is designed according to traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic principles and incorporates philosophies from Weston A. Price to promote healing, warmth, and recovery.

Everything is pre-cooked then frozen and delivered to your door!  Just heat and serve!

Are you ready to enjoy?

Use this link or click the image above (our code is CBDS) and receive $20 off your first delivery!

And yes, for those who are wondering, you can schedule these for your estimated due date (wink).

Please note that this is an affiliate partnership with Mama Meals. Their posts and values thus far have been representative of our own, and for this reason we are so glad to support your postpartum with their beautiful meals. In addition, we do receive a small commission from your purchase when you use our link and code. These funds will be used specifically and explicitly for community care, and will directly impact your neighboring birthing and postpartum families who need free and discounted support.

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