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A successful partnership with your birth doula is built upon transparency and trust. It also starts with clearly defined expectations of how we’ll support you and what kind of boundaries we have to maintain our healthy relationship. The purpose of this post is to help you understand what realistic expectations look like, specifically with a Cherry Blossom Doula.

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Looking for second trimester tips for your pregnancy? Your Cherry Blossom Doulas have you covered in this post dedicated to your best pregnancy, birth and postpartum!

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Many families that we meet with have no idea that birthing at a Birth Center is an option. Some have never even heard of this gentle space! In this post, our goal isn’t to sway you toward one specific path. Instead, it is to educate you on the fact that your birth can happen in a variety of settings. It’s up to you to choose what honors you and your journey best. Ready to learn more?

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Postpartum can be challenging for new mothers, parents and partners! Ready to make it easier with traditional postpartum meal delivery? We are so excited to share this opportunity with you!

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Supported postpartum mothers thrive. Here are some products we love for the journey ahead!

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