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Doulas honor births of all kinds. This particular story honors homebirth and is written by the mother who birthed at home for the third time.

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My hope for every birthing person – especially birthing after loss – is that they are supported and educated in the decisions made best for their family. That they are held through tears of heartache and true joy. That they have hope when the burdens feel too heavy to carry.

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When choosing your maternity provider, will you do yourself the biggest favor and ask how they will support you in the postpartum space? Your provider can often pick up complications and issues with lactation, incontinence, and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. For in-home guidance on this and so much more, a postpartum doula is an excellent resource.

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Your midwife will watch. She will wait. She will make you feel empowered and confident beyond your wildest dreams. She will speak to you. Because your birth – it is about you.⁠

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