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May these photos shed light on the power and strength of birthing humans for birthing humans everywhere. Birth is beautiful. And homebirth, something uniquely-so as babes are compassionately ushered in earth side in their own time… completely unrushed.

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Birth is beautiful. Birth transforms lives. Birth creates mothers. Birth brings forth magic. Birth is birth.

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They wheeled up my bed and that was the first time I saw the NICU, the place I would spend a good part of my days for the next two months. The nurses were sweet but I was scared. You looked tiny and had a million wires all around you. I didn’t know if you were going to be ok and I felt numb. I felt mad and angry too. It wasn’t fair.

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Nothing worthwhile is without a bit of effort; yet meeting babe for the first time is one experience we can say is most worthy of everything you’ve got.⁠ Supported birth is your right and our honor, Mom.

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From first glance to first touch.
Our latest belly birth photography gallery is up, Momma.

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Will every contraction bring belly laughs? Of course not – labor is hard work! But staying relaxed and welcoming as many contractions as you can with a smile on your face will absolutely help you to have your best birth experience

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